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Hard work and dedication are the bedrock of any achievement. Being a resident of the building and part of the Owner’s Committee, I have seen your true dedication for providing high quality service which is thoroughly enjoyed by its residents. I have no doubt that you will continue to receive even more recognition for your valued services

Iftikhar Ahmed Khan
“Great job, thank you for all your hard work and continued support. Finally, we have a great OAM that can now help to take the building to a better place
Mr. Ray Hogan

We are glad to inform you that the payment plan has been completed as scheduled. We thank you for keeping up with the commitments without any delays. Moving ahead, we foresee a long-lasting smooth relationship with Symbiosis OAM

Mr. Majid K

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Dubai property market has seen a surge in the past years like no other. The demand for trusted owner association management companies in Dubai has seen an all time high and there is no sign of it slowing down. With the number of investors coming into the country from all around the globe, property owners barely keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the real estate market in Dubai. Expert community managers are needed to ensure that your investments are properly taken cared of.

Owner association management companies in Dubai were designed to assist investors in getting the most of their properties. OAM companies take care of the common areas and shared utilities in a community. This can include but is not limited to shared power, fire and safety, building elevators, general cleanliness and structural integrity of the building. Expert community managers are in charge of collecting service charges, budgeting, paying all building service providers, maintaining building supplies and reserve funds for the building. An owner association management company act on behalf of the whole community in managing the day to day operations and upkeep of the whole community. The scope of work for an OAM company can vary based on the kind and size of community they manage.

Due to the diversity of composition of Dubai property owners, there is a current challenge to find trusted owners association management companies in the country. An OAM focus is to meet client expectations and to ensure quality maintenance and in return generating positive feedback from its stakeholders. They are regarded to be responsible to ensure that property investors get the best returns on their properties.

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Symbiosis Owner Association Management also known as SYOAM is an owner association management company that was established in 2017 with the primary aim of protecting the investment and long-term viability of the residential and/or commercial communities it manages. We are trusted partners in several communities to maintain the books and records of our buildings as required by law. As an OAM, we uphold transparency and makes sure that all transactions are accurate therefore minimizing the risks of incorrect records of information.

SYOAM is known to properly vet and supervise every negotiation with contractors, maintain transparency for every activity and decision taken for the community, and giving quality service to its owners. As an owner association management company, SYAOM has built years of relationships with all the stakeholders in the industry. Our long-standing commitments to our clients are to ensure transparency, quality service and commitment in acting as a safe keeper of their valuable property investments.

We know what it takes to maintain not only a well-organized community but also actively create opportunities to increase your property value. As an owner association management company in Dubai, we always scout the market for new techniques and ways to improve our communities. We are technology-friendly and we believe in investing for more innovative ways to cut cost and improve our processes at the same time. SYAOM understands the major responsibility of an owner association management company and aims to be a market leader in the ever-growing Dubai property market.


We know what it takes to create and maintain thriving communities.